• Blue chambray crossweave organic cottonrn100 % organic cotton, GOTS certified
  • Organic fabric, organic cotton : grey single jerseyrn100% organic cotton GOTS certified
  • Organic cotton : plush lamb style rn100% organic cotton GOTS certifiedrnorganic fabric
  • Organic fabric : heavy woven linen flaxrnGOTS certified
  • Grey marl brushed sweat fabric


Our company has developped the widest range of organic certified fabrics.

All the fabrics you can buy in this shop are fully GOTS certified : the whole manufacturing process meets the GOTS requirements. Weaving, knitting, washing, bleaching, dying and printing are GOTS certified.

GOTS certified fabrics are environment friendly, safe and anallergic.
Our credo : Sew and Protect !




Organic fabrics are naturally hypoallergenic : there are no toxics in them, your skin is in contact with only natural fibers. Organic fabrics are structurally much softer than conventional fabrics.

Price and marketing policy

Organic fabrics are naturally a bit more expensive than conventional ones. But not so much more. If price difference on raw material is up to 30%, we decided to reduce our margin on the finished product (fabric) to make it affordable. Our prices drop by quantities. You get a discounted price from 3 meters ordered.
It should be compared to other valuable fabrics, produced in conformity with ILO (International Labor Organisation) requirements.